May 5, 2016

About Us

Grant is truly invested in everything they do, their commitment to their employees, customers, partners and suppliers and the industry.

Grant is a fully-integrated Ag solutions company serving Northern Ontario and Northern Quebec growers, exporting our world-class products globally.

We are focused on creating a world-class team and work environment for our employees so that we can best pursue our goals of making our farm partners more profitable and providing the highest quality products, service and knowledge to our food and grain customers.

Grant will continue to expand its R&D and aim to continuously innovate and bring new solutions to market to make our farm partners more profitable.


We built a grain elevator and state of the art dryers; actively evaluate new markets and R&D projects to assist in forward crop planning for the farms and local farm partners.

It will be our relationships with generations of farmers, customers and the dedication of our employees that will help us grow into a well positioned and nationally connected company.

Grant Farms currently operates over 12,000 acres cash crop land base located in Temiskaming District, North Eastern Ontario.  Our main crops are canola, hard red spring wheat, oats, soybeans, flax and barley.  We have recently started planting white beans, peas and faba beans.