June 2, 2016


With the purchase of Labonte Seed in 2012, Grant began serving both the Forage and Grain seed industry.  Labonte has been in the Seed business for over 85 years and has provided a wealth of knowledge and experience to our Seed division.

Grant has 3 separate seed plants in Temiskaming Shores and 3,000 acres of our own land dedicated to seed production in addition to the  local farm suppliers  is well positioned to continue growing our seed business to serve your needs.

We are distributing our hardy northern varieties throughout Canada as well as the U.S. and internationally.  Grant has partnered with the best genetics companies in the world to bring you the traits and performance you are looking for.

From feed to forage, cover crop to landscaping, come find out why Labonte Seeds is synonymous

with high-quality forage seed:

Labonte offers locally-grown forage seed as well as varieties from trusted producers like Brett Young and Dow

Seeds. Choose from a variety of forage crops and services, including:


  • Double-cut Red Clover
  • White Clover
  • Trefoil
  • Alfalfa
  • Forage peas

  • Timothy
  • Orchard Grass
  • Meadow Bromegrass
  • And more…

  • Forage Mixes
  • Pasture Blends
  • Landscaping Mixes
  • Custom Blends

Plus custom blending and cleaning made to fit your needs


The first step in great yields is great seeds. Labonte seeds is proud to offer high yielding, locally-sourced

cereal varieties including: (Available spring wheat, barley, oat varieties)

CEREAL RYE and other specialty cereals also available

Give your cereal seeds the boost they need with help from Labonte

• Raxil Seed Treatments

• Omex Primers

• Custom Blends

• Grain Cleaning

Take advantage of the full cereals plan with agronomic treatment plans, contract Pedigree growing, and