June 2, 2016

Agronomic Advisory Services

We offer our farmer’s interested superior per acre returns, utilizing top performing, and high yield crops our Agronomic Advisory Services.  We work one on one to understand your farming business and provide personalized solutions matched to your specific needs. Our goal is to provide our Farm Partners a complete best approach package, including:


Annual crop planning and farm management: agronomic advice, and financial guidance for each step of your crop production to keep your farm productive and profitable.

Seed selection: We provide the right varieties for your production needs and goals to have best yield and profitability.

Soil Fertility & Crop Nutrition: Our agronomic service team advices on soil sampling, soil nutrient levels, interpreting your soil analysis report and fertilizer recommendations for your crops utilizing specialized computer software.

Crop protection: We help you to choose the right crop protection products including seed treatment, fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides to improve crop productivity.

Field scouting: Grant Ag helps you in every growth stage of your crops to monitor crop health, stand, and populations of any pests present. Pest management programs, identification of diseases, insects, weeds, tissue sampling and control decisions.

Yield map and data management: Grant Ag uses the latest tools and technology available to evaluate your crop performance and yield with precision to understand the issues of your crop.


We want to truly partner with our Farming customers to enable their success every step of the way.

 For advice and assistance, our knowledgeable team are available when you need them. Contact our Agronomist and our Farm representatives!


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